An additional 62-acres protected in Oldham County

Kentucky’s “Quietly Amazing” Oldham County just added an additional 62-acres of permanently protected farmland to the tally. Janey Newton decided to put her love for the land into action and place a conservation easement on “The Wetlands” with Bluegrass Land Conservancy.  

In working with her family on this easement, Janey Newton told Bluegrass Land Conservancy that she had “always wanted to protect this place.  I love this land and knew that I wanted to keep it safe for future generations.  Like many Kentucky counties, Oldham has lost some of its rural character and I want to do my part to keep as much of that intact as possible.” 

Ashley Greathouse, Bluegrass Land Conservancy’s Director of Conservation reiterated the organization’s appreciation for Janey Newton: “We love to work with landowners who understand the important role they play in the connectedness of protected lands for farming and wildlife habitat.  Janey and her family are passionate about their farming heritage and a conservation easement in perpetuity showcases that commitment to their land ethic.” 

While over 33-acres of The Wetlands is dedicated to pastureland, it is also home to Aspiring Heights Equestrian Center.  Jessica Lawson, owner of the center, is thrilled that The Wetlands has been protected by the Newtons.  “I’ve spent many evenings, after long hours of farm work, admiring the stunning view of the sunset, thankful for the gift of such an incredible place.  I’m overjoyed to know this beautiful property will stay agricultural and is protected from being developed.  I’m not the only one who loves this land, my horses are some of the healthiest and happiest horses I’ve known in my career and their owners speak often of the peace they feel while being on the farm.” 

The Wetlands also boasts a half-acre pond and over 3 acres of wetlands that are a significant wildlife habitat and may be home to several species of endangered bats and a much-needed stop for migratory birds including the Black-billed Cuckoo, Cerulean Warbler, Chimney Swift, and Wood Thrush, amongst many others. There are several areas along a nature path that winds through the deciduous woodlands and around the pond for wildlife observation.  

The Wetlands is part of a larger conservation block of other permanently protected neighboring properties in Oldham County comprising approximately ten (10) properties and totaling approximately 1,500 acres. With a foreseeable trend of intense development in the vicinity of the protected property in the near future, the conservation easement on The Wetlands is an important connector to other agricultural properties and preserves the agrarian, rural character of the area.  

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