Annual Bluegrass Dinner & Conservation Awards

The postponed 2022 Conservation Awards were celebrated on April 20, 2023 at Foxhollow Farm in
Crestwood, Kentucky. The evening highlighted the contributions that Nana Lampton and Robert W.
Griffith have given to land conservation in Kentucky over a farm-to-table dinner.

Nana Lampton, recipient of the Land Conservationist of the Year Award, was recognized for her
significant contribution to land protection and natural resource conservation in Kentucky, including the
Bluegrass Region. As a long-time advocate of land conservation, she has increased the level of expertise
and pace of conservation by consistently supporting accreditation of land trusts in the state. Nana’s
deep connection to the land and commitment to professionalizing and strengthening Kentucky land
trusts has made a lasting contribution to land protection.

Bob Griffith, recipient of the 2022 Mary Louise Allen Memorial Award, was recognized for his
professional commitment to land protection and natural resource conservation in Kentucky. He has
represented landowners and land trusts, served on Boards related to land conservation efforts, and has
been a frequent lecturer on land use, historic preservation, and conservation easements. Since the
1990’s, nearly every land trust in Kentucky has benefited from Bob’s expertly drafted conservation

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